The PISCES project copes with the idea of covering some of the most important issues in current conception of healthcare (prevention, information related, and patient management and patient empowerment) by providing a selected test case scenario.

These new services we propose, will improve the quality of offered services to final users (patients, caregivers and medical professionals) If well-implemented and managed, this new wave of services will also mean more accurate diagnosis and thus avoidance of unnecessary prolonged therapies, reduced patient hospitalisation improving treatment by using lifestyle information, improving adherence to the treatment and early detection of problems. Also these new ICT based solutions will improve comfort and final perception of the services themselves. Apart from meaning a real improvement in citizens' quality of life it means a new subjective perception beneficial for the well functioning of medical services.

The goals to be achieved are combining different dimensions of Future Internet, which are clearly shown in the figure below:

The specific objectives for PISCES Project are as follows:

1. Definition and analysis of a wide range of functional and non-functional specifications and requirements covering prevention and disease/patient management.

2. Development of architectural requirements to deliver FI applications to Health domain.
- Event and Data Management and Processing
- Semantic support
- Context Management
- Identity, Privacy, Confidentiality
- Internet of Things - Advanced sensor networks

3. Development of FI-oriented conceptual prototypes incorporating the FI technologies which demonstrate critical solutions and their overall applicability and feasibility. integration of this platform with other solutions (from eHealth field or not)

4. Participation on the standardisation process covering compatibility with current standardisation activities.

Scenario Description

The PISCES project was conceived in base of a scenario focusing in the identification of appropriate technologies and their usage in providing services and applications for the health care through Future of Internet platforms.

ReHealth - Resposive eHealth scenario

This scenario will focus in the patient prevention by providing real-time monitoring of patient health condition and a comprehensive alerting system, including proactive notification about health problems that might appear. The use case shown in this work package will provide a scalable and open architecture base on the sense-and-respond architectural principle that will proactively sense a problem situation and react correspondingly. This scenario will provide a set of requirements for Responsive Health platform that will be evaluate through a prototype implementation in a real-world settings.